Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thrill-seeker Arana Jr. feels right at home in Norwalk

The timid do not pick up racing a Pro Stock Motorcycle as a profession. It takes a special breed of speed freak to hurtle down a strip of concrete and asphalt at nearly 200 mph with nothing but a leather suit separating you from the pavement.

At this weekend's Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, Hector Arana Jr. gets to fuel his favorite passions: racing the Lucas Oil Buell and hitting the thrill rides at the Cedar Point amusement park.

"Norwalk is always a blast and a race we look forward to going to every year," Arana said. "We always go to Cedar Point on Thursday and ride all the rides. We're all adrenaline junkies and we're all searching for the next biggest rush.

"It's a good way to relieve all the stress and forget about the racing, and clear your mind."

Summit Motorsports Park is also a landmark track in Arana's young racing career.

"It's the track where I got my first No. 1 qualifier," he said. "I lost that first round, because I was still a rookie and I had a lot of learning to do riding. Now I'm riding this bike good and hopefully we can go to the finals this weekend."

Arana sits fourth in Pro Stock Motorcycle points this season. He's qualified second or third in every race this year and reached the semifinals in four out of the five races this year.

"We've been having a few problems with our 60-foot times lately," Arana said. "Hopefully we'll get it fixed and Cedar Point can give me the extra rush to get that next win."

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