Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAVTV's Brogdon biding his time until new Camaro arrives

Pro Stock driver Rodger Brogdon is a little between a rock and a hard place heading into this weekend's 43rd annual Toyota NHRA SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

Brogdon is in a loop where his MAVTV Pontiac GXP needs some work to get it up to speed, which requires lots of testing. However, testing the Pontiac doesn't make a lot of sense because Brogdon will soon take delivery of his new Chevy Camaro, and the Camaro will require some work of its own to shake out the new-car bugs. 

Either way, Brogdon knows he can't afford to give up too many points with an underperforming car, as he's currently eighth in the K&N Horsepower Challenge rankings and ninth in Pro Stock points.

"We're struggling with what we've got," Brogdon said. "And we'll need to run the Camaro some because we don't want to go out there and do any worse. We're going to make sure to run it a bunch before we bring it out to the races. Right at the moment, we've got ourselves in a bit of a spot."

Brogdon said the MAVTV team skipped testing after the last race in Topeka, Kan., because engineers from Penske helped a lot on the Pontiac's shock package and the engine builders at Cagnazzi Racing were working diligently to get more horsepower out of their motors. He feels those gains could be enough to show improvement on the track.

"I didn't have much time this week because I have business here at home to run, and we're prepping to get that Camaro next week so the shop is gearing up for that," Brogdon said. "The guys at the (Cagnazzi Racing's) engine shop are working to get us more power and the Penske guys got us 80 percent under control. We're definitely a lot closer now than we were three races ago. 

"If we run good this weekend, we should qualify in the top half and go from there."

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