Friday, February 8, 2013

PODCAST UPDATE: School of Hot Rod: January 5, 2013, Full Show/Segments

This week's School of Hot Rod is joined first by Jamie Eriksen from SEMA to talk about scholarship programs. Then, Fireball Tim gives us a peek at his new book "Fireball Tim's BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides". Finally, Jacob Miles from Milestone Body & Paint helps close out the show with tips and tricks to a great paint job, and how to get your car "Purpleized".

Guest Jamie Eriksen shares how SEMA is more than just a trade show. SEMA helps businesses within the industry by offering educational tools and resources. Host Dennis Pittsenbarger and Jamie discuss and how you can find out more about SEMA.
Guest Jamie Eriksen talks about the SEMA Scholarship Fund that’s dedicated to fostering the next generation of automotive leaders and innovators. Find out more about this excellent opportunity in this podcast.
Fireball Tim shares a little bit about his exciting history and what kinds of projects he has coming up. Tim and host Dennis Pittsenbarger also talk about the Bat Mobile, one of Tim’s creations.
Fireball Tim discusses his new book for kids called "Fireball Tim’s Big Book of Wacky Rides". He hopes to inspire kids to gain a passion for cars and think creatively. Listen here to find out where Fireball Tim found his inspiration for the book.
Jim Heidi calls in to talk a little bit about the highlight of his 2012. Jacob Miles from Milestone Body & Paint shares details about an exciting contest. Find out more in this segment of School of Hot Rod Radio!
Guest Jacob Miles shares what’s new at Milestone Body & Paint. Dennis Pittsenbarger and Jacob discuss a new thermal dry unit that helps your paint dry quicker. Additionally, Jacob talks about how attention to detail is important for any paint job.

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