Monday, June 4, 2012

Kenny Brown Launches New AGS 4.0 Suspension Technical and Installation Video Series

Kenny Brown Performance has just released their new AGS 4.0 Suspension video series on the Kenny Brown website at  Kenny's new AGS 4.0 Suspension is quickly becoming standard equipment on many championship and race winning 2005-2013 Mustangs campaigning across the country in both amateur and professional racing series.  His road-going version of the system is also gaining considerable popularity with Mustang, GT500, and Boss 302 owners who are looking for the best hardware available for aggressive street driving and open-track days.

In the eight-part video series designed to educate consumers and wholesale customers, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the individual components and the complete system.  Two opening videos explain the philosophy and evolution of Kenny Brown Advanced Geometry Suspensions, complete with a technical overview of the newest AGS 4.0 Suspension.  Six technical installation videos highlight the fitment of the individual components on a new Shelby GT500, and provide valuable insight as to what each component offers the end-user, and how many of the parts are designed to work in harmony.

The AGS 4.0 Suspension is also standard equipment on all of Kenny's new GT-4 "Super Mustangs", which are just now making their way into the specialty vehicle marketplace.  Over the long Memorial Day weekend several enthusiasts and racers were able to get up close and personal with Kenny's flagship GT-4RS Mustang at Sebring International Raceway.  Those attendees were also able to get a sneak preview of the complete video series, and a few lucky people were even able to experience the suspension first-hand from the passenger's seat with Kenny behind the wheel.  Of the cars in attendance at the event, several Mustangs ranging from early fox-body all the way through to new 2013 Boss 302 showed up at the track equipped with Kenny Brown hardware or complete AGS 4.0 Suspension systems, and they put on a great show.

As the year progresses, the Kenny Brown Performance crew will be participating in several open-track and enthusiast events and conducting short seminars on the basics of chassis and suspension tuning.  Mustang owners will get the view the videos as part of the presentation and engage Kenny one-on-one in special question and answer sessions.  As Kenny continues to re-build his parts and vehicle manufacturing companies, you can expect to see a host of technical videos and complete video series highlighting his new range of chassis and suspension components, and some awesome video productions showcasing his new range of GT-4 "Super Mustangs".

The learn more about the video series and view each of the eight productions, visit and click on the "Video" tab.  All of the YouTube videos are embedded on the page making it simple and easy to view each clip on one standardized platform, Kenny Brown TV.  In this special "AGS 4.0 Technical" section you can also view images of the individual components or complete system, read an overview of the suspension as a whole, and see technical information on each component that makes up the complete AGS 4.0 solution.  Once you have learned everything you need to know, you can navigate to the Kenny Brown shopping cart and purchase or review sales related information for the components and systems, or look for an authorized dealer/installer who can assist you with upgrades.

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