Monday, June 25, 2012

Product Spotlight: NEW Universal High Horsepower Pro G IRS

The Heidts Automotive Group announces the availability of a new Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) system designed for high-horsepower, "universal" applications that may not be covered by the existing Pro-G products. This new product is based off the proven and award-winning Pro-G IRS design and extends Heidts' leadership with regards to their existing range of fully-engineered front and rear suspension systems and components.

"We're really excited about the Universal High Horsepower IRS," says Mike Hawley, Sales Manager at Heidts. "We are constantly amazed by the mechanical creativity of our dealers and their customers and we can't wait to see all the types of vehicles that will be built around this new Universal IRS system."

Hawley notes that the new Universal High Horsepower IRS is available for order now and typically ships within 48 hours. "Here's your chance to be one of the first to install and build a cool hot rod truck or high horsepower muscle rod around our award-winning Pro-G style IRS," says Hawley. Follow this link for more information about the new Universal Pro G IRS including specs and available options. 

Look for an installation feature in the October 2012 issue of Mopar Muscle magazine to see how Heidts dealer installs the Universal Pro G IRS under a '71 Challenger.

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