Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jon Kosmoski of House of Kolor...time with a legend

Jon Kosmoski founded House of Kolor in 1956 and turned the painting world upside down by developing custom paints that would be legendary as the high-caliber paint for customizing vehicles. Here is a group of images from my trip and time spent with a legend….stay tuned for a great video interview, but for now please enjoy. 

Please take a second to read this letter to Jon from Von Dutch. It shows just how important to the world of custom painting Jon really is....

Special thanks to Kristen from Collision Hub and Tony from SATA for making this happen....what a amazing experience. 

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  1. Amazing pictures but I think my favorite pictures are the tall desk and the wall with the frames. So much history. What I would give for that "Custom Paint by Jon Kosmoski" sign.